Chocolate Truffles
Hummus dip with hemp and garlic
Pépites de tofu panées au chanvre
Delicious hemp flour crepes with cheesecake frosting
Orijin_recipe of Hemp Mint Pea Dip.jpg
Mint & Hemp Pea Dip
Hemp oil, Hemp seeds / 
An ultra simple dip that's bursting with freshness and flavor.
orijin.bio recipe banana-choco bread with hemp flour
Banana/Choco Bread With Hemp Flour
Hemp choco, Hemp flour / 
Here is a filling and nourishing banana bread! Hemp flour adds omega, fibre, and protein for a well-balanced snack.
Creamy Oatmeal with Choco Hemp and Berries
Hemp choco / 
Here's a decadent AND healthy, low-sugar breakfast
Veggie poke bowl with hemp seeds
Hemp seeds / 
Thanks to the hemp seeds, this veggie poke bowl contains a nice dose of omega and healthy fats.
Turtles with pecans and Hemp choco
Hemp choco / 
Here is a festive and ultra simple recipe to make. A VERY good vegan dessert, gluten free and low in sugar.
Broccoli, apple and hemp seed sauce salad
Hemp seeds / 
A salad you eat with endless appetite even you're not hungry.
Hemp oil infused with thyme and sundried tomatoes
Hemp oil / 
A homemade infused oil? YES!
Sun-dried tomato pesto in oil and hemp seeds
Hemp oil, Hemp seeds / 
Requiring only 5 ingredients and a few minutes of preparation, this pesto will quickly become one of your favorites.
Layers of fall vegetables with hemp oil
Hemp oil, Hemp seeds / 
Here's a super easy recipe that showcases the veggies from here.
Mocha + hemp energy balls
Hemp seeds / 
Finally, an energy ball recipe that doesn't require a food processor.
Pumpkin and hemp flour soup
Hemp flour / 
The perfect recipe to showcase the pumpkin
Apple, hemp and maple pancakes
Hemp seeds / 
These pancakes are very soft and slightly sweet
Vegan apple bread and apple crumble
Hemp seeds / 
Here is an apple bread to enjoy both for breakfast or dessert
Veggie tacos with black beans and hemp seeds
Hemp seeds / 
If you love tacos as much as we do, you'll love this recipe.
Carrot muffins with orange and cheese frosting
Hemp seeds / 
A recipe for gourmet muffins for the arrival of cooler weather? That's a big yes!
Peanut sauce and hemp seeds
Hemp seeds / 
With homemade spring rolls, the sauce makes ALL the difference
Catch-all tender bars
Hemp seeds / 
With this quick raw tender bar recipe, you can say goodbye to store-bought bars.
Portobellos stuffed with spinach and hemp seeds
Hemp seeds / 
Easy-to-make stuffed portobello mushrooms perfect for #meatlessmonday
Grilled potatoes with hemp oil, herbs and lemon
Hemp oil / 
A very simple grilled potatoes recipe
Hemp seed guacamole
Hemp seeds / 
A classic guacamole with a "spin"
Apple, hemp and pecan crumble
Hemp seeds / 
A crumble to enhance your brunches!
Curry dressing, cashew nuts and hemp oil
Hemp oil / 
THE dressing to impress your guests or to pour over your express lunches
Orijin_recipe creamy-strawberries-hemp-seeds-overnight-oats
Strawberries and hemp seeds creamy overnight oats
Hemp seeds / 
The overnight oats require no cooking, in addition to being nutritious and delicious breakfasts!
Orijin recipe - hemp-crunchy-soft-bar
Coconut, choco, hemp ultra crunchy soft bar
Hemp seeds / 
Are you looking for homemade soft bars as crunchy as ones from store?
Orijin recipe - Ranch dip with hemp seeds
Ranch dip with hemp seeds
Hemp seeds / 
What could be better than a dip to enhance your vegetables?
Hemp seeds crackers
Hemp seeds / 
Too much sugar or salt, store-bought crackers?
Velvety humus with hemp oil
Hemp oil / 
Perfect recipe for your snacks with crackers and raw vegetables, like creamy salad dressing, or in a sandwich.
Roasted nuts with honey and hemp seeds
Hemp seeds / 
The return of good weather often rhymes with nature hikes. The key to a successful outing: tasty and nutritious snacks.
Hemp-coated choco-zucchini balls
Hemp seeds / 
Zucchini and apples in a energy ball? Why not!
Hemp flour vegan pâté
Hemp flour / 
Making your homemade vegan pâté, simpler than it seems.
Creamy sauce for hemp pasta
Hemp seeds / 
Here is a 100% creamy pasta sauce, without any cream.
Carrot leaves and quinoa salad with hemp oil honey vinaigrette
Hemp oil / 
The return of sunshine = salad, all the time. The little extra of this recipe: no waste. To taste!
Gourmet choco-hemp granola
Hemp seeds / 
This crunchy sweetness is delicious on a bowl of plain Greek yogurt overflowing with fruit or to accompany a vegetable drink.
Berry muffins with hemp seeds
Hemp flour, Hemp seeds / 
Healthy, gluten-free and dairy-free muffins for busy mornings or a gourmet break
Pear bread with hemp crumble
Hemp seeds / 
Pear bread is good. Pear bread WITH a hemp crumble is even better!
Homemade hemp golden milk
Hemp seeds / 
A small comforting drink that boosts the immune system
Quick and easy hemp pancakes
Hemp flour, Hemp seeds / 
Healthy and filling pancakes, rich in protein and fiber
Vegan, nut-free, gluten-free energy bars
Hemp seeds / 
A real concentrate of vitamins and delicious treat, for any time of the day
Raw energy bites with hemp flour
Hemp flour, Hemp seeds / 
An ideal snack for boost of energy
Hummus with hemp oil
Hemp oil, Hemp seeds / 
The spread that you will want to spread on EVERYTHING
Uncooked granola
Hemp seeds / 
Super simple granola that can be prepared to brighten up your mornings
Colourful salad with pomegranate sauce
Hemp oil / 
The more colourful a salad, the greater the pleasure

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